The Drill Project

DrillThe Drill Project is a conservation initiative focused primarily on producing a wildlife documentary on an endangered species of primate called Mandrillus leucophaeus poensis, or “the drill”. These animals are in critical danger of extinction due to the increasing bushmeat trade in West Africa.  The film is to be used for a conservation campaign to educate, inform and generate awareness in West Africa about the drill in addition to an international wildlife documentary.

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The goals:

- Create a conservation film in spanish to be used in a conservation campaign in Equatorial Guinea.

- Conduct behavioral research on Mandrillus leucophaeus poensis to better aid conservation efforts.

- Produce an international wildlife documentary, primarily focused on the drill monkey, the research and conservation implications.

The drills have never been filmed in their natural habitat and very little scientific research has been undertaken, contributing to the lack of knowledge and protection.  By increasing awareness and providing protection for these animals, subsequent protection will be granted to many other species of endangered and endemic primates found on Bioko Island and in West Africa.

The Drill Project was conceived in 2010 after spending months in the rain forests on Bioko Island tracking and filming the drills.  Once the conservation implications became apparent and the feasibility of undertaking such a project, much has been done to prepare for the production of a professional documentary.  By pairing a professional film crew using the latest equipment with seasoned biological researchers, the project will be able to capture never before seen footage and tell this incredible story to the world in hopes of saving biodiversity and preserving life.

All data collected while filming these animals is to be used for peer-reviewed scientific research aimed at understanding the drill and its interactions within its environment to better understand where conservation efforts can be most effective in stopping their extinction.


The Drill Project is a conservation initiative aimed at conducting scientific research and providing educational resources to aid in conservation efforts regarding the endangered Drill monkey.

Through conservation outreach focused on the use of film and mass media we hope to increase the awareness of these endangered animals and fragile ecosystems thus providing people with the incentive to protect these national resources.

To learn more about this project, please visit or contact:
Justin Jay
(843) 732-1837
[email protected]


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